There Will Be a Place to Sleep after Carpet Cleaning

We already broke our #1 rule (update only one room/space at a time) awhile ago by painting the kitchen, but we have done it again! Since we had to punch a large hole in the wall and ceiling of the guest bedroom to accommodate the new staircase in the studio, we decided to somewhat finish the guest bedroom so that our future visitors had a place to sleep!

We do not plan on completely finishing the room — we would like to refinish the wood floors, update the closet and other related projects, but for now we have patched the staircase hole, painted, added crown molding, and Jen will be decorating.

The guest bedroom is not quite done (right now there is NOT a place to sleep), but with the plan to have visitors in just a couple of weeks, there WILL be a place to sleep soon!

For now, here are some of the pictures of the updates we have done thus far:

Before: This is actually before the bump out for the staircase. Graham is standing under the part of the wall/ceiling that would soon have the studio staircase running through it.

Before: The walls were a bright green, trim was a dark wood stain, floors need refinishing and sticker removal (we think this was the previous owner’s little girl’s room).

Before: The closet doors are unfinished, but will have an update soon enough!

Before: The ceiling is white and the fan came complete with a teddy bear pull string (that may just have to stay!).

Before: Looking out the doorway. The stickers are more apparent in this photo (along with the fact that the floor was finished only around the edges many years ago) and the water register will soon have a cover!

Jen sanding the trim in preparation for paint. We decided to paint the trim because when it was put in some of the edges were left with raw cuts (never sanded or stained to match). Jen likes things to match even if they are small details!

Since we were painting the trim, we could fill in all the finishing nail holes and the holes from where the curtain rods used to be attached. Jen did all the puttying herself!

Although we are not finishing the inside of the closet right now, we still have to do the trim around the closet doors. This was our attempt at covering Jen’s clothes while the sanding was done. We thought this was easier than just moving everything out of the closet!

Since we knew we were going to have to prime the entire studio, Graham bought a really large bucket of primer. The problem came when we realized we needed to stir it. We had some old metal fencing post things that Graham attached to his drill. It was a very interesting and fun way to stir the bucket ‘o paint!

Jen putting on the first strokes of primer. This is when she realized we were going to have to do two coats because of the texture on the walls. She was not pleased.

Working on the first round of primer — the best purchase thus far was the extender for the paint roller.

However Jen quickly broke the end on the roller and we had to resort to a smaller one.

The first round of primer was finally done!

Graham painting around the trim

Trim is done — tested a small area of the “Chocolate Sparkle” paint on the wall. Jen was nervous about the color, Graham was less than excited after realizing we would need two coats of this color as well!

Graham painting the ceiling — we were nervous about the dark, non-white color, but now that it is up there, we will most likely not have a lot of white ceilings in our future!

While Graham painted the ceiling, Jen sewed the curtains.

And the wall color is going up!

The walls, ceiling, and trim are painted. Now onto the crown molding!

Graham painted all the trim, crown molding, and corner pieces a “Delicate White” per Jen’s request!

Putting up the first corner piece

Measuring and cutting for the first piece of molding.

The first wall is up!!

We will be finishing up the room in the next week or so….will post pictures of the completed room and side-by-side before/after pictures next time!!

Post was written by West Street Story