Can I Use Baking Soda In My Carpet Cleaner?

Baking soda cleaner

The best way of freshening and invigorating carpets is by using a baking soda carpet cleaner. Moreover, it is reasonably priced elucidation that will have no long-term collision on the environment and will also assist in getting exonerate of bad odors as well as stains. It can also be used to clean machines or just shake over on the floor to rejuvenate the carpet. It depends on the type of stain that you have; you will discover that using baking soda will be your best wage.

Getting rid of the non-greasy stains

These are the stains that are likely not to have a residue to them. It is quite just to deal with such stains, just follow the steps below.

  1. Start by sprinkling liberal dust of baking soda over whatever it is that you are cleaning.
  2. Proceed by calmly misting the tinge using some hot water
  3. With the dampness it has, you at least let the blend stay on the stain for about 3 to 4 hours or more if feasible. You may do the whole thing at night before going to bed.
  4. Finally finish by getting the area void, that will result in leaving your carpet stainless and looking even fresher. If the stains are hard to remove just repeat the whole process severally until its sparkling clean.

Removing the greasy stains

We all know that nongreasy stains can be such a pain in the neck especially like the ones in the sink or any other place they are found. Such stains have causal filtrate on them, so it requires different removal methods. Below are the steps you procedures or steps to follow to remove the stains.

  1. This procedure should start by you taking a paper towel or a rag getting downward to the lubricant tinge. You are required to bolt up all the grease out as much as you can before proceeding. And to avoid setting on the carpet, you are advised not to keep rasping the smear around.
  2. After you are done with all that, spray arid baking soda on the stain, and it is best advised to so overnight hence it will soak up more grease if you give it time.
  3. So when you wake up in the morning, just clear out the area to verify anything else needs to be done. If you still find some little stains, just blemish it using a little dish of soap, it will help lessen the grease amount. Follow it by using water and the clean towel to and gradually remove the remains. Remember to avoid scrubbing while blotting since this might result to further problems later on.
  4. You can then continue by drying up the area until it is a bit humid. Dust an additional stratum of baking soda to the blemish. Allow it to take as much time as possible to absorb the satin. Finish by getting the area vacuumed, and this time you should be able to find it radiant.

Removing the sturdy pet odors

Yes to those that own animals, I’m sure they can all understand how extreme the smell can be. Luckily, the baking soda is proficient to get rid of the stench and flee the room smelling all fresh and new again. Below are the steps.

  1. As usual start by sprinkling the baking soda in the room or the area that is frequently occupied by your pets then let it stay for some hours.
  2. Finally vacuum the area, and you shall have the room smelling fresh again.
  3. You can do this several times depending on your circumstances with your pets.

Baking soda and carpet cleaners

Those that prefer to stay off the ground there is also a way out for them. Mix the baking soda with some water while using it to clean the floor and depending on whatever it is you want to achieve you might want to add a small dish of soap.

In homes that have pets, this is the safest method to use instead of using chemicals. Do this regularly to your home, and all the floors will look new and smell refreshing.

Get your ventilation efforts to the vacuum

Doing a frequent carpet sprinkling once or twice a month helps maintain a fresh smell and avoid further problems in future. The baking soda can also be mixed with cinnamon, cloves and any of your favorite dry herbs to help get rid of those stain on the carpet and also to leave your floors dazzling.

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