can the year really only be a month old?

January 2013.  This month was filled with such big highs and lows that one would expect to look back on events and believe to be reminiscing about the entire year and not just one singular month!

It all started with some very exciting news….we found out Graham’s brother was engaged to be married!


Technically speaking, Graham and I found out right before the new year, but the couple was making their way around Wisconsin during Christmas break to be able to tell their loved ones in person {so we couldn’t be too public with enthusiasm until everyone got the good news}.  But get this…they got engaged on Thanksgiving!  I do not know how they were able to keep it a secret all the way until Christmas {because they wanted to tell everyone in person}, but they did it!  And since they didn’t make it “Facebook official” {because, let’s be honest it is not official until it’s Facebook official} until after the first of the year, I am counting it as big 2013 news!

When is the wedding?  It is coming up quick – they are planning a May wedding.  Where is the wedding?  HAWAII…OMG!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that is right folks, we have a trip {almost} planned for Hawaii.  Once the bride and groom pick a waterfall to be married in front of, we will be booking our flights {yes, you read that correctly….WATERFALL…HAWAII….OMG}.  It is going to be a very beautiful wedding.

Some of you may be wondering what Graham and I plan to do with getting pregnant + traveling.

That is a good question.

To be honest, when Adam and Bri told us the news, my immediate response was sheer excitement and a “We are going to Hawaii?!?!” loud shrill in the middle of a restaurant {the waitress asked if she could come along}.  It took me about 30 seconds, however, to realize what this could mean.

However, after talking about it {and it really only took about five minutes to “talk”}, we BOTH plan on going to Hawaii regardless of our pregnancy status.  The only caveat to us trying to get pregnant again, prior to the wedding, was getting my OB’s seal of approval.

That brings me to the next news-worthy day in January.  I went in for an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and everything looked great!  I joked with my OB and said it was the best ultrasound I had ever had {that’s “funny” because I am not actually pregnant, so of course this ultrasound would look normal}.  The ultrasound was just to check on all of the troublesome cysts and to make sure my uterus was fully cleared/looking normal after the ectopic.  I wanted to make sure we knew what we were “dealing” with before getting pregnant again and now we do!

After the ultrasound, I talked to my doctor about traveling to Hawaii.  I was a bit nervous that she would tell me that due to my history, she wouldn’t approve travel for me during a pregnancy.  Nope, not the case!

She said as long as I was in my second trimester {which, if I make it to that point, we will already be looking at a MUCH better outcome} and as long as I had quick access to the hospital/emergency room/surgery wing {ie, we are renting a car}, that I could go ahead and start collecting my resort wear!  The only specific-to-me things I will have to do {because I will be on blood thinners and trying to discourage clots from forming} is to make sure not to sit for longer than an hour and a half to two hours straight.  So, I will have to take “bathroom breaks” on the airplane, but that shouldn’t be a problem even if I wasn’t pregnant!



I also completed my two big bridal shows in January.  Throughout the two weekends, over 6,000 people walked past the Invites by Jen booth.  I got plenty of consultations booked at my new office and am ready to rock-n-roll this year!

So, even though the month was shaping up to be awesome, we ended up getting very sad news.  Graham’s 95-year-old grandmother passed away.  Although Graham and I love to see our family, the ONE time it is not desired is when we travel back to Glenwood for a funeral.

It was special, however, to have most of the entire family together.


{the family photo taken in the St. John’s gym!}

With being on the farm, I did take some time to snap a few pics….most of them were of my sweet nephew, Collin.  Prepare yourself for a Collin photo bomb:




Isn’t he the sweetest?  I am especially looking forward to spending some good cuddle time with him in Hawaii…I promised his mom and dad that I would {very happily} take on the babysitting role if I am pregnant so that they can go enjoy some of the fun Hawaii {not pregnancy friendly} activities!

So, as I wrap up the memories from January 2013, I am certainly looking forward to February {and hoping for some big, exciting news this month as well}…..cross your fingers as we start trying again!

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